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...of the Month (6-8)

Like I told you in last month's edition of Classic 'Cola: this month we're featuring the very first edition of Matt Gardner's column, ...of the Month. Few people realize this, but ...of the Month is actually the longest-running column in GameCola history, as it's been there since day one and has appeared in almost every issue since. In its current mold, ...of the Month features something of a free-form structure, as Matt's given free rein to talk about whatever he wants so long as it's:

A) Somehow videogame-related, and
B) Somehow entertaining.

But this wasn't always the case! Oh no. Originally, the column wasn't meant to take a free-form structure at all; originally, it wasn't even called ...of the Month; it was actually called "Webpage of the Bimonth," and it was—stay with me—going to talk about a different Webpage (or, as the current GameCola Stylebook dictates, "Web site") every issue.

It bears noting, at this point, that we were talking in terms of "bimonths," rather than "months," because, of course, at that time, GameCola was only coming out every other month. I'm still not sure that "bimonth" was really the word we were looking for, but, at the time, it worked fine for us. We stuck with "bimonth" until about the third issue, when we got the hang of publishing every month.

This theme of discussing one Web site per issue lasted...only until the second issue. The second edition of ...of the Month (which we'll be taking a look at in a few months) talked about a downloadable Web game. And the third edition talked about the Lufia series. Every month the current format was actually meant to reflect the direction of the column as a whole; the whole column was, for example, at one point, supposed to talk about a different downloadable Web game every month.

But then we figured out how much we could really do with the column, and how clever we could be with deciding what the actual "of the month" would be. Matt's talked about the "Discrimination of the Month," the "Japanese Pop Band That You Can Listen to While Playing Games With Crappy Soundtracks of the Month," and, in the most recent edition, which is in this very issue, the "Bad Way to Owe a Furry of the Month." And even his GameCola colleagues, Eric and Elizabeth, have taken stabs at the column, talking about the "Most Awesome Forum/Message Board of Awesomeness of the Month" and "Trading Card Game that Needs a Yu-Gi-Oh: Nightmare Troubadour-style Videogame of the Month." ...of the Month may not be GameCola's most widely-read column, but it's up there in terms of creativity.

Here's the original, first edition of ...of the Month in its original format, before we realized how much we could do with the column.


- Paul Franzen, editor in chief

Webpage of the Bimonth

Although it doesn't contain walkthroughs, cheats, or other elements usually associated with websites based on video games, is one of the best, if not the best, Dragon Warrior site out there. Within the confines of this excellent website you will find comics based on Dragon Warrior (Dragon Warrior 101 being the main comic of several, and quite funny), a store where you'll find links to pretty much all dragon warrior related merchandise (games, music, t-shirts, etc), AIM bots, images, fan-made games, message boards, and more! What more could you possibly want? What's that you say? You want to see a mage get stripped naked by a slime? Well, it's your lucky day because has that, too! So hurry your dragon hungry self over to before it's too late! Too late for what? I guess you'll just have to go there and find out for yourself.

- Matt Gardner
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