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Low-Rent Adventures in Japan (6-8)

OK, so, this month, the depths of my procrastination and lack of inspiration have driven me to do something I really don't have the money to do. I'm going to order you a Japanese pizza.

And what's more, I'll do it in video form, in a multimedia extravaganza! With text, sound, and moving video, it's like THREE medias!

First, you'll have the pleasure of listening to me actually order the pizza. Now, I admit that this is monumentally boring, but if you're ever starving in Japan (as Al Yankovic predicted) you could probably play this audio into a phone receiver to communicate your need for food, preferably while screaming for help in the background.*

*Having in the meantime discovered the horror that is Applemilk, the audio has been removed in the interest of good taste. Please stare at this picture of a phone instead:

[45 minutes later]

Now that the pizza has arrived, let's have a look.

For your convenience I have included a link to the American Pizza Hut's list of toppings:

Note: I actually didn't like the first video, so I put this off a month and did it again with a different pizza. But then the second wasn't great either, and I couldn't decide which to use, so I have included both. I have also included a few links to some clearer pictures of some even more varietous pizzas:

The images on the second link, which is a local chain and represents the essence of great Web design, don't link to full-size images, but if you look closely at the "jaggies" you may suspect that they actually are full-size and just forced into a tiny space. So use "view image" so see the pizzas in all their kooky glory.

So, I'll leave the rest to my blurry video and the beautiful sound of my voice.


Those of you who remember my Japlish featuring this stupidly-named pizza shop from a few years back should find this particularly laugh-out-loud-able. No doubt, my legions of fans hounded the folks at PIZZA CALIBIAN with letters of mockery, forcing them to take action. But, instead of correcting their mistake, they have apparently gone on the defensive, trying to say that "we did that on purpose." HA!
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