Paul (paulmeetsworld) wrote in gamecola,

...of the Month (6-8)

by Matt Gardner

Bad Way to Owe a Furry of the Month:
I'm Not Giving You Any Money, Gina

As if you are the first person to make a YouTube video and call me out for owing you money. Psh. BUT, this isn't about money, is it? No, this is about GameCola's number one menace: Furries.

First, let me get this out of the way: Furry sex, plushie sex, hot fur-on-fur action, sex with stuffed animals, sex with fur, furry women and sex, sex in animal costume, sex with animals.

OK. I'm sure there's a billion more things that people will Google, but that should get a sufficient amount of traffic directed to this page to give Terrence something to draw about for the next few months.

Anyway. I've completely lost track of what I'm talking about, like I do every single time I write this column. Hmm...oh right. Furries. To fill you all in, apparently Gina and her companion went to some furry convention with some GameCola fliers and made a YouTube video about it. You can watch said video here.

We here at GameCola are going to be completely flooded with waves upon waves of furries, since I'm sure the fliers were a huge hit. In fact, I estimate a shift in our fan base from about 5% to 64% furry in the next three months. This may not seem like a problem now, but I assure you this will lead to an extremely large amount of furry content cycling into the site over time.

I want to know what you, the reader, think about this! Do you want more furry content? Do you even know what a furry is? Do I even know? Will I ever pay attention to what I'm doing for an entire installment of of the month? How many times have I typed the word "installment" this month? (See my .hack vol. 2 review). AS ALWAYS: If you know, POST!!!!! I NEED FEEDBACK—it makes me feel like my life is worth something!!! LoOOoove ME!
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