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... of the Month (6-9)

by Matt Gardner

Motivation Proclamation of the Month:
What Keeps You Writing for GameCola?

With the recent loss of Steve Hamner, coupled with the fact that I haven’t received a paycheck in the five years I've been here, I’ve been wondering: Why do our writers stay with us, here at GameCola? It’s completely voluntary (in most cases), and there is no monetary compensation for the work put in. Also, we save very few lives. so you can’t really even feel like a better human for having worked here (or can you?).

I’ve stayed here all these years not because I enjoy it, but because, when GameCola first started, Paul kidnapped my infant daughter and told me that the only way I would ever see her again is if I continued to write for GameCola. I’ve missed her growing up…her first words, her first steps…I don’t even know if she’s alive or dead. Please, Paul, I promise to keep writing. Just let me see my daughter again.

I know Eric and Lizo are in similar situations and basically can’t ever hope to leave GameCola, but what about the rest of you? Why do you all stick around? I’m not trying to suggest that you all get up and leave, and I'm actually very glad to have most of our staff members with us, but this article needs writing and the feedback section needs filling.

Also, if we happen to have a reader or two who does something voluntary, go ahead and mention that as well. Be sure to explain why you do it, of course.

You know, I’ve mentioned before the dangers of being distracted while writing this, but maybe one day I should actually write a complete oTM about it. Or have I done that already? Hmm.

OK, found me. As for our writers who stick around, is it because you just enjoy playing games and writing about them? Or is there, perhaps, something about GameCola (our warm, family environment?) that just makes it enjoyable to work for? Or are you just planning on putting this on a resume? (Paul and I did it. It totally works).

As always! If you know, POST.
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